Sun Valley Cattery in Johannesburg - Your Cats First Choice

Sun Valley cattery provides just the environment you need for your special friend. Whether your cat enjoys lazing in the sun or under the trees, our cosy, safe, clean, spacious and above all caring cattery will make your cat feel right at home! Ideally located in Kyalami, next to Midrand, in between Pretoria and Johannesburg, our Cattery offers a luxurious, quiet country-side pet boarding facility for cats to relax in peace and tranquillity. Feel free to visit our north Johannesburg cattery in advance to make an informed decision about where you want your cat to stay while you are away.

Email us to ensure your cat stays at one of the most reputable catteries in and around Johannesburg.

  • Space – Unlike some catteries, our cattery accommodation consists of spacious, full height walk-in chalets with a large outdoor play area where cats can enjoy time in the sun. Each cattery unit boasts comfortable sleeping areas to protect your cat from the elements and cosy beds with fluffy blankets so your cat gets a peaceful night sleep
  • Food – Our cattery restaurant serves up high-quality food that is nutritionally balanced and a delicious treat. We cater for any special dietary requirements but you can bring your own food if you prefer
  • Stimulation – Our free standing cattery enclosures are secure but the mesh provides lots of air and light. The cattery has ample scratch posts, decks for cats to rest and bask in the sun and various toys to keep your cat entertained and stimulated
  • Sanitation – Our well-maintained cattery is kept clean and tidy, we change water and cat litter boxes frequently to ensure your cat stays healthy and happy
  • Care – Our cattery has a vet that is always on call should your cat get sick and our caring personnel will look after your cat like part of our family

You can rest assured that your beloved kitty will have a happy stay, contact our cattery while away on business or holiday.

Client Testimonial: Praises For Sun Valley Cattery

I arrived in Johannesburg from London in August 2010 and in December 2010 was travelling back to the UK for the Christmas Holidays. Sun Valley was recommended to me by a work colleague of my husbands.

When I arrived with my two boys (cats), Shadow and Bailey, we were warmly greeted and invited to view the 'accommodation' that they would be staying in. I was so impressed with the size of the enclosure and the comfortable conditions of their new home for the next 3 weeks. Bailey and Shadow returned home from their stay looking well-fed, well-groomed and very content. As they do with every subsequent stay, which has been many.

All the staff are extremely friendly and helpful and show a genuine affection for all the animals that stay with them. I would not dream of sending 'my boys' to any other Cattery/Kennels, as I cannot imagine anywhere else looking after them with as much love and care as all the staff at Sun Valley do.





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